Fire & Life safety System by Greenspark

Fire & Life safety System

Green Spark designs systems to safeguard people and assets with insights into risk and human behaviour. Properly designed fire protection systems are critical in commercial properties. Engaging design expertise early in the process to determine accurate requirements is essential for ensuring the success of a project. Our diverse group of […]


LV & ELV System

LV System for Buildings is an abbreviation for Mechanical and Electrical (M&E) extra-low voltage systems employed in residential and commercial buildings for enhanced control and security. The MEP services place a strong emphasis on ensuring security and safety. Greenspark develops safety, security, and communication systems to monitor, control, and mitigate […]


Electrical System

We develop advanced, cost-effective, secure, and durable systems that give clients a more comfortable interior environment. Buildings spring to fruition and are transformed from empty shells into inspiring and appealing settings with strategically engineered electrical systems. Information about the lighting, power, and communication systems will be detailed in electrical drawings […]

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