Audio / video security

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Green spark’s A/V & security specialist are able to meet with our clients and provide realistic options typically with lower costs than expected by using innovative & realistic designs. From small businesses to hospitals, the team has the experience and know how to meet all of each client’s requirements. Green spark’s sound engineers can provide detailed system diagrams for all applications including churches, stages and auditoriums. Green spark’s security staff are able to provide basic security systems or advanced laser detection systems. We will provide you systems that meet your budget and expectations .

Audio Engineering

Intercom & Public Address Systems

Conference Rooms

Auditorium/Gymnasium Systems

Conference Calling

Church Stage Systems

Performance Arts Stage Systems

Video Engineering

Command Centers Access Control

Large Display/Advertising

Auditorium/Gymnasium Systems

Presentation Room Design

Video Conferencing

Video Over IP

Video Processing

Video Engineering

Access Control

Remote Monitoring

Card/ID Access

Bank Security Systems


Intrusion Control

Alarm and Dispatch Systems

Laser Detection

Motion Sensor Systems

Wave Detection Systems

Lock Out Systems